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Unicorn Chef: Summer Ice Foods - Cooking Games

Ice Foods Cooking Games for Girls! With Ice Cream, Smoothies, Slushy and more!


Unicorn Chef: Edible Slime - Food Games for Girls

Slime Simulator with Gummy Bear, Nutella, Taffy, Fudge, Starburst, Jello & more


Unicorn Chef: Baking! Cooking Games for Girls

Unicorn Bakery Girl Game! Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes, Donuts, Cakepops & more!


Watermelon Ice Cream: Cooking Games for Girls

The #1 Rated & FREE Ice Cream Making Game. Fun Ice Cream Making Game for Kids


Unicorn Donuts: Cooking Games for Girls

The #1 Rated & FREE Cake Baking Game. Fun Donut Cooking Game for Kids


Watermelon Slime: Cooking Games for Girls

Let’s make tons of watermelon slime! A cool & fun cooking game with TONS of WATERMELON SLIME flavors!


Galaxy Inside Cake: Cooking Games for Girls

The #1 Rated & FREE Cake Baking Game. Fun Bakery Cooking Game for Kids


Unicorn Cotton Candy - Cooking Games for Girls

The #1 Rated & FREE Cotton Candy Game! Create a rainbow unicorn Cotton Candy!


Unicorn Cheesecake Maker - Cooking Games for Girls

The #1 Rated & FREE Baking game. Bake Yummy Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecakes!


Unicorn Chef: Summer Ice Foods

Ice Foods cooking games with Ice Cream, Smoothies, Slushy, Milkshake and more!


Unicorn Chef: Mermaid Cooking Games for Girls

Mermaid Cooking & Food Maker Games for Girls! Cake, Ice Cream, Popcorn and more!


Unicorn Chef: Slime DIY Cooking Games for Girls

Cool slime recipes such as Unicorn, Rainbow, Glitter, Galaxy, Candy and more!


Unicorn 3D Art: Puzzle Games

#1 Rated Unicorn Low Poly Jigsaw Game for Girls. Make Beautiful Unicorn Art!


Unicorn Chef: Cooking Games for Girls

Unicorn Food Maker Girl Game! Cake, Ice Cream, Popcorn, Slime, Candy and more!


Snow Cone VS Ice Cream - Unicorn Icy Food Battle!

Icy Desserts Food Maker & Cooking Games. Chef, Restuarant Kids Games for Free


Sweet Trendy Desserts: Birthday Cake Foods

Amazing food roadtrip to NYC!

Food Maker Cooking Games


Rainbow Unicorn Poop: Desserts Food Maker

Let’s join the rock star party & make yummy rainbow desserts with Mr. Unicorn!


Rainbow Unicorn Secret Cook Book: Food Maker

Unicorn Foods, Rainbow Unicorn Foods, Unicorn Ice Cream, Unicorn Cotton Candy


Ice Cream Master: Free Food Making Cooking

Run your own ice cream truck and sell yummy ice cream! Free Food Cooking Games


Chinese Food! Make Yummy Chinese New Year Foods!

Chinese New Year is HERE! Let's go to China Town and make yummy Chinese foods!


School Lunch Maker! Food Cooking Games

Let’s make yummy school lunch foods for hungry students! Foods Maker Apps


Rainbow Unicorn Desserts Maker

Let’s have a crazy neon party and make cool GLOW IN THE DARK desserts together!


Ice Cream Lollipop Maker - Cook & Make Food Games

Run a SUPER ice lollipop maker shop! Make and sell all kinds of ice lollies!


Summer Rainbow Frozen Foods!

The Summer Food Fair finally comes! This is the annual food fest for the whole city!


Rainbow Desserts Bakery Party

Let’s run a rainbow desserts bakery and make various rainbow desserts together!


Rainbow Ice Cream - Unicorn Party Food Maker

Have a magic unicorn party! Make rainbow & unicorn ice cream with friends!


Cotton Candy Food Maker Game

DIY fairy floss machine! Create & decorate these fun rainbow color sugar snacks!


Sweet Candy Store! Food Maker

More choices of ingredients, foods, tools and decorations! More interesting cooking processes!


Carnival Snack - Food Maker!

What food do you want at the Carnival? Hot dogs? Hamburger or snacks? Yum!


Frosty Ice Slushy - Food Maker

Slushy Maker is a fantastic way to create your own virtual fruit slushy without the mess!


Milkshake Maker - Frozen Drink

Chocolate Milkshakes! Strawberry Milkshakes! Vanilla Milkshakes! All your favorite flavor milkshakes in one game


Icy Food Maker - Frozen Slushy

DIY homemade frozen slushy! Love ice cool drinks? Make, decorate & enjoy it HERE


Breakfast Food Maker 2

Introducing all new Breakfast Food Maker 2!!! Made for all those breakfast lovers out there who just can't get enough!!


Snow Cone Maker - Frozen Foods

Keep a piece of summer with you ALL YEAR in this awesome snow cone making app!


Pizza Maker - Free!

Add all the cheese and pepperoni you want, or toss in some seafood and fruit for that extra exotic flavor!


Cake Pop Maker

Make cake pops just like you would in real life!! Use real decorations to decorate!!!


Make Cake!

Make chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting and scrumptious cherries all around!


Ice Pops Maker - Frozen Food

Feel HOT in the summer???? Have some ICE POPS!!! Make thousands of yummy flavors!!!!


Cake Pop Cooking!

Teach everyone to make the most popular cake pops! Such as rainbow cake pops, classic cake pops, and my favorite rose cake pops!


Ice Pops & Popsicle Maker

Ice Pops Salon is an amazing DIY sweets making app that lets anyone make cool frozen candy in their very own virtual kitchen.


Ice Cream Maker - Frozen Foods

Start cooking your own frozen summer dessert with Ice Cream Maker, the best ice cream making and decorating app around!


Pasta & Pizza - Food Maker!

Cooking Forever, become a famous Italian chef by cooking yummy food right now that everyone will want to eat!


Frozen Slushy Maker

Slushy Maker is a fantastic way to create your own virtual fruit slushy without the mess!


Smoothies Maker

People CANNOT live without ice in SUMMER.
So you wanna try smoothies???


Rainbow Ice Popsicle DIY Salon

It's a hot summer like a furnace. Nothing better than having some ice pops!!!